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Pro-Kleen Powerful Sink & Drain Blitz - Sink & Drain Unblocker/Opener Solution

From £9.98 inc VAT
From £8.32 exc VAT

Pro-Kleen Powerful Sink & Drain Blitz - Sink & Drain Unblocker/Opener Solution

Product Code: 258187

1 reviews
From £9.98 inc VAT
From £8.32 exc VAT

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Product information

The Pro-Kleen Sink and Drain Blitz Opener and Unblocker is formulated and designed to be used in domestic plugs in baths, cloakroom sinks and wash basins to remove clogged up hair, grease and grime that may build up over time, clogging up drains and effecting water running freely down the drain.

This super strength formula is up to 20 times stronger and therefore more effective than others that are available on the market and quickly dissolves the build up of hair and grime to ensure clear drains for a smooth flowing drainage system in your home.

Available in: 1 or 5 litre bottles 

Multi pack discounts available, the more you buy the bigger the saving. 

Much more cost effective when bought in 5 litre containers as a bottle will provide up to 20 treatments costing 89p per treatment. The more bottles you buy the cheaper the treatment will work out to be. 

Safe to be used on all pipe work, quickly and effectively clears drains to ensure water runs freely, without pooling the plug hole. Powers through the toughest of grease, hair and grime to ensure water can flow freely through the drain without clogging up your plughole.

Instructions for use:

For slow draining pipes or for blockages - for example if water pools before going down the plug hole

  • Pour 250ml of the solution down the blocked drain
  • Leave this to sit for 1 to 3 hours, preferably overnight if possible
  • After this time flush through plenty of hot water 

For regular use or to maintain hair free drains

  • Pour 150ml of the formula down the plug hole and leave to work overnight 
  • Flush through plenty of hot water the next morning
  • Follow this pattern regularly either weekly or fortnightly to avoid blockages or hair build up 

Please always read the back label and instructions on the container.


Rating 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
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Ali Mac
Happy customer ! Good service and price.
15 Mar 2018

Frequently asked questions

Ss Pro-Kleen Sink and Drain Blitz Opener and Unblocker suitable for removing washing machine residue build-up in waste pipes?
We would not recommend it for this use unfortunately
Is Pro-Kleen Blitz Sink and Drain Unblocker safe to use with septic tanks or will it adversely affect the functioning of a septic tank? Thanks.
We would not advise you to use this product in your septic tank.
Hi. We have a blocked sink, which drains through a macerator. Would your sink unblocker product be safe to use in this scenario, please? Thank you. Kay
We would advise not to use the Pro-Kleen Sink and Drain Unblocker in a macerator. However, we do have our Pro-Kleen Macerator Cleaner which would be more suitable.
Hello, is The Pro-Kleen Sink and Drain Blitz Opener and Unblocker suitable to unblock kitchen sinks that may have food and grease blockages. And another question do you have a product that is suitable to remove limescale in toilets?
Yes, this product is suitable to unblock kitchen sinks with food and grease blockages. We would recommend using our Multi Purpose Descaler to remove limescale from your toilet. Simply pour 160ml into the WC pan and leave overnight. Please follow the link below to the product information:
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