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Professional Quality Car Care

At Pro-Kleen, we believe that every car can look like a supercar if you treat it right! Our range of detailing products are specially designed to bring the best out of any car – that’s why they’re loved by professional car detailers and domestic customers alike.

Snow Foam

Our best-selling Snow Foam is THE premier pre-wash on the market. It’s suitable for use on cars, motorbikes, vans, and any other road vehicle! The super-thick snow foam formula breaks down stubborn dirt and grime on your car thanks to its increased contact time, making follow-up wash and wax treatments gleam like never before. If your car has sensitive paintwork and wax treatments, you can also use our pH Neutral Snow Foam to clean off dirt without damaging your paintjob. Choose from a range of coloured and fragranced snow foams by clicking the category above.

Snow Foam Lances

To get the best performance from our Snow Foam, we recommend you use one of our Snow Foam Lances. They’re specially designed to give the best results when you use them with Pro-Kleen Snow Foam, meaning you’ll get the thick foam every time. Our Snow Foam Lances are available with a range of attachments for use with most popular pressure washers from Karcher, Bosch, Nilfisk, Black and Decker, and Lavor.

Car Shampoos

After a spray of Pro-Kleen Snow Foam, get your car’s paintwork gleaming with a mirror shine by using one of our professional-quality car shampoos. Easy to use and super effective, you can choose between regular car shampoo or our pH neutral option for a gentler clean. Our car shampoos are also available as a regular solution or as a waterless wash and wax spray so you can choose whichever works best for you!

Amazing Glaze Wash & Wax

Our premium wash and wax treatment Amazing Glaze is the perfect way to finish off a car detailing session thanks to its carnauba wax formula. This adds an extra layer of protection to your car’s paintwork, preventing scratching and rust, as well as a gleaming shine like no other! Amazing Glaze is also available as a hard wax that you can apply to finish your car and make it look better than ever.

Iron Contamination Remover and Wheel Cleaner

Our range of iron contamination removers is a professional car detailer’s secret weapon – and now, it can be yours, too! Iron particles from your brakes can cling to alloys and wheel trims, making them appear dull no matter how much you clean them. Dull, yellowish wheels can drag down the whole look of your car, which is why you need iron contamination remover to break those iron particles down! Choose between our best-selling Troll’s Breath and our super-strong Dragon’s Blood and get your wheels looking like new again!

Multi-Vehicle Cleaning

It’s not just cars that need some TLC – if you’re a caravan or bike owner, we’ve got you covered. Our range of caravan and bike cleaning products are second to none, so you can enjoy your hobbies without worrying about dirt and grime. From bike snow foam to mould removers for caravans, you can find everything you need in the categories above.

Are You a Professional Car Detailer?

If you’re a professional car detailer looking for the best car detailing products at the best-value prices, you can take advantage of our huge multibuy discounts. Get more snow foam for your money and make big savings on a range of other car cleaning products to keep your customers happy – to learn more about how Pro-Kleen can help your business, just give us a call on 0800 091 3171!

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