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Pro-Kleen Simply Spray Patio Green Mould & Algae Remover

From £13.99 inc VAT
From £11.66 exc VAT

Pro-Kleen Simply Spray Patio Green Mould & Algae Remover

16 reviews
From £13.99 inc VAT
From £11.66 exc VAT

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Product information

Pack size: 5 L

The Pro-Kleen Simply Spray and Walk Away Algae and Mould remover is a concentrated formula that (when diluted) produces up to 25 litres per 5 litres of solution and is one of the most effective green mould and algae removers on the market with over 110,000 bottles sold in the UK and thousands of glowing customer reviews.

One 5L bottle covers up to 200 sq metres, has no shelf life and provides protection against re-growth for up to 6 months! There's no need for you to use a pressure washer for mould or algae removal ever again.

The solution:
Is safe around children and pets once dry
Is pH neutral and biodegradable
Contains no acid or bleach
Simply Spray & Walk Away is ideal for use on all hard outdoor surfaces such as patios, fencing, paths, driveways, decking, terracotta, UPVC, roofs, sheds, greenhouses, garden statues, even boats and caravans where green mould or algae has developed.

Directions for use:

  • Best to use late evening allowing the solution to cure overnight. Do not use when rain is due for the following 8 hours as this can reduce performance.
  • Dilute the solution at a ratio of 4 parts water to 1 part solution into a pump sprayer or watering can.
  • Apply to any hard outdoor surface, results are visible within 2-3days.
  • Heavy growth may need re-treatment. Can be used neat in extreme circumstances.

2-3 days after application mould and algae will begin to turn orange/brown this is an indication the formula has started working.

Please follow the instructions on the back of the bottle and always read the label.


Rating 4.5 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
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brilliant worked in less than a week, highly recommend this product.
23 Oct 2018
Elizabeth J Hankin
Stunningly good product: I've tried many and this out-performs the lot.
4 Sep 2018
Excellent product. Can not believe how well it works. Will definitely buy again, but will be wary of the price next time as it seems prices vary.
22 Jun 2018
John Crain
I have bought Pro-Kleen in the past and found it very good at removing black spots on brick pavors. I do find that it takes a lot longer than the estimated time to work properly but the results are worth the wait. It’s probably five years since the last treatment so maybe I should do it more often!
21 Jun 2018
Happy from Norfolk
Great product at reasonable price.
21 Jun 2018
Great,really works,and lasts through the seasons.
6 Jun 2018
William Kerr
great product, very good mosskiller. No more scraping between blocks on my driveway and path.
6 Jun 2018
Used on my horrible green algae looking fencing it works a treat!! You won't be disappointed at all.
16 Apr 2018
Brilliant product. Works every time. Clears mould and algae within days. My 3rd purchase over time and will continue to use. Worth purchasing a 5 lite spray bottle to make application easy. Thank you
4 Apr 2018
Mr David Stuart Curnow and Mrs Marcia Joy Curnow
Some patience required as it takes a few days to work, but I'm pleased to say to a couple of weeks after application the moss and weeds between my paviours has shriveled and died and should be easy to remove with a light pressure washing. Also the appearance of the bricks has improved significantly without any further treatment. The only challenge is trying to schedule application during consecutive dry days during this misarable wet spring.
29 Mar 2018

Frequently asked questions

Have light coloured concrete roof tile which are now black with algae and moss. Will this product return to original colour? If so what is process
This product will remove black algae and mould. However, if there is any black lichen present, this product may struggle to remove it. Lichen is very stubborn to get rid off and we would advise you to use the Ultima XP neat to remove it. Please follow the link below for the product details:
Dear Sirs, Can your product be used on bushes and trees? If not could you recommend a good product. Thank you, Michael mahon.
Unfortunately, we do not have a product to remove moss, mould or algae that can be used on bushes and trees.
If it is sprayed near grass or plants near to the timber decking, when washed off will it kill the grass or plants?
Yes, this product will cause damage to grass and plants.
I have a garden path made with Cotswold buff (limestone I think) decorative stone. Would this product clear the unsightly green algae that has discoloured the surface of the stones?
Yes, this product would remove the moss on the stones.
Used product successfully on rubarised surface. How should I remove dead moss?
The moss can be brushed away once it has turned brown.
is the product OK to use on pvc decking
Yes, it is safe to use on pvc decking.
Hi. I have roofs which have both old clay pan tiles and newer standard roof tiles. Can I safely use Pro-Kleen moss remover on these without damaging them?
Yes, this product would be safe to use on both tiles. 
If water run off drains into a septic tank will this affect function of tank?
We would advise you not to use this product if there is chance of it draining into a septic tank.
Will this product kill lichen, also can i use in a pressure washer.
We would recommend the Ultima Plus XP for removing Lichen.
hi I am a resident in northern Ireland I used prokleen on my concrete yard last year and was very pleases with the result I may have purchased it on amazon but it is no longer available can you supply me or give me a northern Ireland supplier BILL LYLE
This product is still available. Please follow the link below for further details:
I have black Mould on sone of the planks outside of my garden house which is treated pine can I use this diluted to help remove
Yes, you can use this product to remove black mould.
I love your Pro-kleen product and have used it previously on concrete slabs and garden furniture etc. My question is, can this product be safely used to remove green moss staining on tarmac drives?
The Simply Spray and Walk away can be used on Tarmac.
Can you spray on moss when there is a bit of ground frost?
No, we would not advise you to use when there is frost on the ground.
If Prokleen runs off my terrace will it harm fish in my pond? Best regards. Richard
The product is dangerous to aquatic life so I would not advise using it so close to the pond
Need to spray tarmac to kill moss. If spray gets onto grass, shrubs or other garden plants will it damage or kill them? Thank you. John Carey
Yes, this porduct will damage grass, shrubs and other garden plants.
Hi, We just purchased 20 little of the Moss and Algae killer and have 2 questions: 1) We have purple original slate which we are intending to use the product on - could the product discolour or damage the tiles in anyway? 2) We also have a large sand arena used for horse-riding / showjumping which has small tuffs of grass growing in various place - have you a product to kill the grass growing on sand which would be safe to use where horses are active? Thanks Colm
This product will not damage or discolour purple slate. Although it may damage grass, it is mainly designed to kill moss, mould and algae. It is safe to use in areas where horses are active, but we would advise you to make sure the treated area is dry before using.
Hi Does this contain 2,4-d? Thanks
No, this product does not contain 2,4-d. The active ingredient is Benzyl Chloride.
hi can pro-kleen be used on lead roofs?
This product can be used on lead roofs.
Can it be used with a brush as I have an amount of mold on trellis work with plants behind and spray isn't appropriate?
Yes, this can be applied by brush, but we would advise if the product spills on to plants, it can damage them.
Hi, I've been using your product to keep my patio moss/algae free for a few years and it works fine. Is it safe to use it on UPVC/Plastic ? I would like to use it on a UPVC Conservatory - in particular the roof which is some sort of clear plastic and not glass. Many thanks in advance !
Yes, this product can be used on UPVC on your Conservatory.
Can this product be used on composite decking
Yes, this product can be used on composite decking.
I am about to clean some outside wood fencing boards. I wish to paint them afterwards, can I do this, and how long should I wait.
We would advise you to wait 2 weeks before painting the treated fence.
This product will not harm windows on the camper van. However, the product takes 2 - 3 days to kill any mould and algae, so we would advise you to bear this in mind before rinsing off. 
Can you tell me pro-Kleen patio Alge cleaner is safe for pets .
Once dry and soaked in yes
I used ProKleen on my patio five days ago and have seen no results whatsoever. I wonder if I have doen anything wrong? I used a 5 litre diluted with x4 water across a patio of about 20 metres by three metres. It's had no cleaning effect and there no difference in the many white spots on the slabs.I did put it on in hot sunshine and it's been relentless sunshine since. Am I to wait or will the weather have nullified the effect?
This will only kill mould and algae. You will need our Pro-Kleen Drive and Patio Cleaner to remove built up grime. Please follow the link below for more information:

Please note this this should be applied in the late evening not in the full day sun.
Hi, is this safe to use on Indian sandstone slabs?
This can be used on Indian Sandsstone.
My patio sits directly adjacent to my koi pond. If the product inadvertently drained into the pond would it kill my fish?
The product is dangerous to aquatic life so I would not advise using it so close to the pond. It will your Koi Fish.
What is the active ingredient?
The active ingredient is Benzyl Chloride.
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