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Pro-Kleen Hot Tub, Spa and Whirlpool Cleaner

From £10.98 inc VAT
From £9.15 exc VAT

Pro-Kleen Hot Tub, Spa and Whirlpool Cleaner

1 reviews
From £10.98 inc VAT
From £9.15 exc VAT

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Product information

The Pro-Kleen Hot Tub, Spa and Whirlpool Cleaner effectively cleans and removes scum, grime and nasty odours that may occur during and after use of your hot tub.

Whirlpool bacteria forms in the internal system of your whirlpool such as the jets and pipes as well as the surface, these pipes and jets are particularly difficult to clean and maintain without removing from the unit.

Pro-Kleen Hot Tub, Spa and Whirlpool Cleaner contains no bleach and is safe on enamel, chrome, plastic and all internal systems.

Available in: 5 litre bottles 

Multi pack discounts available, the more bottles you buy the more you save.

Directions for use:
For use in an internal cleaning system,

  • Follow the manufacturers instructions. For whirlpools that have not been treated for a long period use 250ml once only.

For whirlpools without an internal cleaning system,

  • Fill the whirlpool with water so the all the jets are covered
  • Pour 250ml of cleaner into the whirlpool and activate the main pump at high speed for 1 hour with the air control valves closed and all filters removed
  • Finally drain your whirlpool as normal

Regularly cleaning and maintaining your spa can drastically improve it's lifespan. Best to use every 2-3 months. 

Always read the instructions and packaging thoroughly before use


Rating 5 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.
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Effectively cleaned the pipework in whirlpool-spa bath.
16 Mar 2018

Frequently asked questions

Looking for some info on this product I purchased from you. I am looking to use this in my hot tub . Is there a way of using this for cleaning my hot tub and still be able to use it without emptying the water. Is there a daily or weekly amount you can dilute to keep the water and filter clean . Look forward to hearing from
We would advise you to drain the hot tub, and refill with clean water. Using this product will flush any dirt and grime through the system so it would be unhygienic if you did not empty.
Hi, do I need to empty my hot tub after using the spa cleaner or is there the option to use a smaller dose between refiils, Many Thanks John
As this product flushes all the limescale and scum out of the system, we recommend draining the water completely before filling it up with clean water. Otherwise some of this limescale may end up in your hot tub water.
Hi, Is this as effective in cold water or do I need to add it to heated water?
It can be used with cold water.
After using Whirlpool pipe cleaner in my spa bath, do I need to refill with fresh water to rinse through again before using?
Yes, we would advise you to rinse with fresh water after using the Whirlpool Cleaner.
Hello My spar contains 5400 litres of water could you please tell me how much product to add for cleaning prior to draining and refilling. Many thanks
Pour 250ml of cleaner into the whirlpool and activate the main pump at high speed for 1 hour with the air control valves closed and all filters removed.
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